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Sports Events

Our day at TUIS is an active day every day.
Games and Sports are integral and indispensable to the curriculum at The Ummed International School. The Sports Programme endeavours to inculcate virtues in children that the School believes in. There is a dedicated slot planned for Fitness Training in the morning and other Sports Disciplines during the afternoon.
We believe that sports teach life skills and strengthen virtues that are imbibed elsewhere in the school, either in the classrooms or the boarding houses. It teaches collaborative teamwork, humility in victory and grace in defeat, to push to one’s limit, to believe in others, celebrate one another’s differences and above all inculcates leadership qualities that no classroom or boardroom can ever teach. These attributes and virtues are vital life skills for survival in today’s world.
Sports, academics and co-curricular activities must work in tandem and synchronicity, to help the children develop multifaceted personalities. The Fundamental Sports like Gymnastics, Swimming and Athletics are played for sheer joy and enjoyment while these Sports sub consciously develop Gross Motor Skills and Coordination. As the child grows, the School encourages Competitive Sports when his skills can be honed by certified Trainers and Instructors. The PT Staff and the Support Staff assist the Coaches and Instructors to run the sports Programme of the School which is spearheaded by the Director of Games and Sports.
We plan to offer opportunities for international exposure through overseas sports exchange programmes and by inviting foreign teams to the campus. Regular campus visits by eminent sports personalities will be planned in both terms to motivate the children through interaction with their role models.


The following facilities for Games and Sports are available at The Ummed International School.

  • Standard 400m Athletics Track
  • Riding Academy (Tent pegging, show jumping and dressage)
  • Cricket Nets
  • International size Cricket Grounds
  • Shooting Academy (12 Automatic electronic 10 m lanes)
  • 25m Swimming Pool
  • Football Ground
  • Hockey Field
  • Squash Court Complex
  • Tennis Courts (Synthetic and Hard Surface)
  • Basketball Courts (Synthetic rubber coated )
  • Gymnastics Hall for Indoor Training.
  • Skating Rink
  • Boxing and Martial Art Hall
  • Archery Arena
  • Badminton Courts
  • Multi Gym and Weight Training Hall
  • Yoga and meditation Hall
  • Table tennis Hall
  • Volleyball Courts