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The Chairman Message

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We at The Ummed International School passionately believe in the adage that ‘Knowledge is Power’ and wish to explore its limitless possibilities to emancipate the young minds from the shackles of archaic traditions and clichéd mindsets.
We embark on this rather arduous journey to educate young minds with the realization that the time has changed and we have to create new paradigms in the field of education, more suited to the present day and age, to meet the demands of the ever changing globalized world.
The world is changing so rapidly that we can’t possibly imagine the future jobs for our children by the time they become employable. We have to provide them the skills set which will enable them to survive in the new socio-political scenario two decades from now.


We wish to help our children imbibe values and create a memorable experience for them at school which they will hopefully remember for a long time. We also hope to equip our children with the necessary emotional intelligence and maturity which will help them take challenges head-on at their workplace. It will also help them adapt well in their social and personal lives.
The unique experience at the Ummed International School shall empower our children to think for themselves, live amicably with others, appreciate others’ viewpoints, be empathetic to all and realize that there is more to education than merely getting good grades and a sense of false and pseudo competition. We have a well trained and qualified Teaching and Non Teaching Staff to cater to the needs of growing children. We also have the required infrastructure to provide our children comfortable, safe and secure life at school.
While engaged in such endeavours at school, it is like living many lives, sometimes starting life afresh with the children under our care. We hope to do the same.