Academics is the mainstay of the school. It is the pivot that holds everything else around it. Each day 4 ½ to 5 hours are structured and designed to impart the formal academic curriculum of the school. The Academic ethos at The Ummed International School is propelled by the idea to develop in our students a sense of imagination and creativity. We encourage the young children to think outside the box – tangentially and laterally. We understand the futility of being another run-of-the-mill school and therefore have made a conscious and deliberate attempt to steer away from it. We wish to create an experience that the child shall remember for the rest of his life with a sense of fulfilment and pride. A set of committed Facilitators understand the need of the young students and hand hold them through this experience. The children are encouraged to move beyond the classroom, explore the campus as a classroom, experiment with their environs around them and learn from this valuable interaction. Flip Classroom is encouraged to develop a sense of Self Learning, saving valuable time and providing an opportunity to the facilitators and educators to deliver more in the stipulated time.

We also understand the need to identify Multiple Intelligences and introduce Differentiated Learning to attain better learning outputs. There is an attempt to bring every subject on the level playing field by introducing Multidisciplinary, Cross Disciplinary and Inter-Disciplinary approaches towards learning. Children don’t learn things independently and the best approach to help them learn is to teach them by identifying the concepts that are common to different subjects by making the lesson wholesome and fruitful. The rich Outbound Programmes provide Experiential Learning to our children where they learn by doing. Social Service too is integrated with the academic Curriculum of the school to bring it closer to life and its responsibilities.

The academic Curriculum is also designed to foster in children a sense of empathy, their responsibility to the society at large and help them develop as natural global leaders. A major emphasis is laid on Communication strategies to enable the children to connect with others and help them convey their feelings and intent. They can’t think till the time they can connect with themselves, and communicate with others what they think. Regular Assessment and Evaluation allows us to discover whether our teaching-learning strategies are working or not. If not, it allows us the opportunity to redesign them keeping in mind the specific needs of our children.

The lessons are integrated with Technology to enable the children to relate to the concepts being taught. The Screen Experience is so integral and relatable to today’s generation that we wish to capitalize on it for Teaching-Learning interactions and processes.

For the Academic Session 2019-’20 we shall admit students from Classes Nursery to VIII and offer them the CBSE Curriculum. We hope to receive the accreditation from the CBSE soon. The medium of instruction and interaction is going to be English. We stress on the need to develop felicity in verbal and written language and it’ll be offered as Language I. Hindi will be Language II and Sanskrit or French or German Language III.

In addition to the Languages, the following other Subjects are offered by the CBSE from Classes Nursery to VIII.

Social Science, Environmental Studies, General Science, General Awareness, Mathematics, Music, Dance, Computer Studies, Fine Arts, Craft and Physical Education

The Staff Development Programme at the school is extremely vital to equip the staff with the latest and best educational practices and pedagogies. We have planned a continuous and vibrant programme for the Staff wherein they shall be trained by national and international experts in various fields. The school shall also have Special Educators and Career Counsellors to help the children plan their future study and chart their academic careers. We’ll also have a well qualified and experienced Mental Health Counsellor to talk to the growing children through their various challenges.