The Ummed International School is an English Medium Co-educational, Residential, Day School and Day Boarding School set up to provide opportunities to empower the young, help them identify their inherent intelligence, enable them to realize their true potential and above all, to teach them to empathize and collaborate with others by celebrating their difference and learning from them. Our superb infrastructure in the Classroom, Boarding Houses and beyond serves as the cradle to nurture young minds to flourish and prosper.

Today, we are on the Information Superhighway, hurtling towards questionable goals, amidst the clutter of reckless information. We are saturated with information instantly available at the click of a button. We have to teach our young to sift the heap and pick up information that builds values which contribute to a better world. A nudge here, a tap there, a gentle reprimand, a soulful connect, a little shout, a soft word and we steer our children to ‘Swadhyayay’ (Self Learning) - the best form of learning. We have consciously designed curricula and programmes to bolster self learning to achieve holistic development of the children under our care. We endeavour to create an environ where the child talks to himself, learns to question, debate, argue, has a dialogue with himself, learns to introspect and contemplate in his journey to discover himself. Once he succeeds, the rest inevitably follows.

Obviously, this is not possible only by concentrating on the mental aspect; it is rather impossible till we aim at developing the physical, mental and spiritual well being in unison and blended synchronicity. Only then, will our children be able to contribute to nation building and the humanity at large.

We wish to create a positive ambiance for our children to learn, grow, aspire, explore, discover and eventually achieve. The good teacher is a spark plug, not a fuel pipe. Once the fire of curiosity is ignited in the child his transformation begins. We take this humble step towards a powerful effort to transform lives. Let nothing impair the creativity and imagination of the child, the attributes that he is naturally blessed with. Unfortunately, so called education does just the contrary, as it churns out rote learners incapable to think for themselves.

We have embarked on a new journey, a detour of sorts from higher education, for we felt the need to work at the grassroots to transform education as we know it today. We hope to have strength of approximately 200 young children to start with, assisted by approximately 15-20 Educators. We wish to achieve a Learner - Educator ratio of 15:1 thereby providing individual attention to each child. The school shall soon be affiliated to the accredited by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.