Visit to the School (For Boarders)

1. Parents / Guardians are requested not to visit their child for a month immediately after the admission to help him settle down in the new environment. In case of any need, the House Master / Mistress will contact the Parent / Guardian directly.
2. Parents are requested to meet the House Master / Mistress before meeting the child on all visits to school.
3. Parents may visit the school and meet their child on PTMs (Parent - Teacher Meetings) once in a month on second / fourth Saturdays followed by a night out (Please refer to the school calendar posted on the website for PTMs. All second and fourth Saturdays are not PTM days). Students are expected to report back to the school after the night out at 06:00 pm
4. The night out is permitted only with the parents/grandparents.
5. Parents are requested not to visit the rooms of their children
6. No relative/friend is permitted to meet the children unless the school has a written permission from the parents for the same, with the clear photograph of the person whom the parents have entitled to meet their child.

Leave Rule

1. Medical leave may be granted on medical grounds on the recommendation of the school Doctor.
2. Wedding leave may be granted in case of marriage of an immediate family member. This includes brother or sister and immediate Uncle or Aunt both paternal and maternal .
3. Compassionate Leave will be granted in case of an unfortunate demise of an immediate family member.


1. There will be no outing in the first month of the reopening of the school after summer and winter vacations.
2. There will be no outing in the last month before the school closes for summer / winter vacation.

Phone Calls

1. Students are permitted to make phone calls for a pre decided talk time only on the phone numbers provided by the parents. The time and the days for the phone calls will be decided by the House Master.
2. No phone calls will be allowed on any other day except in an emergency.

Birthday Celebration

1. Birthday Parties will be celebrated preferably in the House Common Room / House Lawns.
2. Students are allowed to order cake for their birthday parties through the school Mess.
3. The amount will be charged to the student’s account.
4. No birthday celebration with outside eatables is allowed.

Food Items

1. Students are not allowed to bring any Tuck / Beverage / any other food item from home or from outside.
2. Tuck or any other food item found in possession of the students will be confiscated.

Expensive Items

1. Students are not allowed to bring and keep any expensive items such as watches/ iPods / camera or any other gadgets such as memory storage devices like Pen drives / CDs etc.
2.The school will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss. The child may bring a camera from home if he/she is a member of photography club or he/she is going on an educational excursion. In such a case the camera should be deposited with the House Master / Mistress immediately on arrival from home.

Prohibited Items

1. It is strictly prohibited to bring and keep cell/mobile/hand held phones in school. In case a student is found in possession of the same, it will be confiscated and strict disciplinary action will be taken against the student.
2. Students are not allowed to bring and keep any electrical gadgets / appliances.


1. Students are not allowed to bring and keep any money / cash.
2. Students are also not allowed to carry Debit/Credit cards.
3. If the students are found in possession of either cash or cards, the same will be confiscated and strict disciplinary action initiated against them.

Letter Writing/Emails

Students are expected to write letters/emails to their parents once a week or as scheduled by the House Master.

General Rules (For All)

1. No staff member will accept any gift from the parents / students.
2. No staff member will be the local guardian of any student.
3. The Management of The Ummed International School has ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ for any form of Corporal Punishment and condemns Corporal Punishment in all its forms and manifestations. The children are not permitted to visit the staff residences under any circumstances, whatsoever.
4. Students are advised to take care of their belongings and keep them under lock and key in their cupboards. If any item is stolen or misplaced, the school will not be held responsible.
5. Children who face challenges with bladder control and often wet their beds are advised to seek expert medical opinion before seeking admission.
6. Parents are requested to intimate any change in their address immediately to the school authorities in writing.
7. The senior students are expected to help and care for the junior and the juniors are expected to show respect and learn from their seniors.
8. The students are expected to greet the visitors visiting the school and be polite and courteous.
9. The students are expected to be polite and courteous to all the staff members including the support staff.
10. The students are expected to dress appropriately at all times.
11.The students are expected to take care of the school property.
12. All students must take compulsory rest during the rest hours.
13. All students must take bath every day after the evening games.
14.Visitors are requested not to bring or consume any form of tobacco in the school premises.

Bullying and Ragging

1. The school has a Zero Tolerance Policy on Bullying, Ragging and Manhandling or Beating.
2. Strict disciplinary action, including exclusion from the school, may be taken against the perpetrator if he/she is involved in Bulling, Ragging and Manhandling or Beating of a junior or his batch mate.


The school will take disciplinary measures against the students using unfair means in the examination.

Note: The School Rules & Regulations are subject to revision from time to time.